It is time to end the tragedy of asbestos for workers and others who are unknowingly exposed. And the body count will continue steadily to rise. .. ADAO reaffirms the necessity for banning asbestos The Asbestos Disease Awareness Firm today reaffirmed the necessity for an asbestos ban this Labor Day time, as America honors the workforce that continues to power the country, in the wake of the economic depression even. Furthermore, ADAO remembers the legacy of Warren Zevon, who passed away from the asbestos cancers, mesotheolioma, six years ago.Food and Drug Administration as an oral medication to boost walking in sufferers with multiple sclerosis . This was demonstrated by an increase in walking rate. AMPYRA demonstrated efficacy in people who have all four major types of MS . AMPYRA may be used alone or with existing MS therapies, including immunomodulator medications. On March 1, 2010 AMPYRA became commercially obtainable. AMPYRA is being distributed through a network of specialty pharmacies exclusively, coordinated by AMPYRA Patient Support Providers .