Academic medicine is failing to drive excellence and innovation in clinical practice Academic medicine is failing woefully to drive excellence and innovation in clinical practice, argue an international band of leading medical academics, in this week’s BMJ. They think that academic medicine is failing to perform its key roles of analysis, teaching, and patient care, and have developed an idea of action to deal with these nagging problems. We are in need of a new vision for academic medicine, they write. We have to articulate and demonstrate the financial and social worth that academic medication provides.Adverse events of interest with thrombopoietin mimetics include bleeding, thrombosis, improved bone marrow reticulin, and hematologic cancer or myelodysplastic syndromes. Table 3Table 3Selected Adverse Occasions Occurring through the Treatment Period. Summarizes the incidence of the occasions . The romiplostim group experienced significantly lower adjusted incidences of general bleeding events and bleeding occasions of grade 3 or more , as compared with the standard-of-care group. No significant differences between the two groups were noted regarding less heavy bleeding . Furthermore, 41 bloodstream transfusions had been administered to 12 of 154 individuals receiving romiplostim, and 76 blood transfusions had been administered to 13 of 75 individuals receiving the standard of treatment.