Methods Study Design The rationale, design, and methods of the study previously have been reported.7,11 The complete protocol was approved by the institutional review table at the Cleveland Clinic and is obtainable with the full text of this article at Briefly, the trial was a three-group, randomized, controlled, single-center study involving 150 obese patients, where the ramifications of intensive medical therapy were compared with those of gastric sleeve or bypass gastrectomy. By using block randomization, individuals were designated, in a 1:1:1 ratio, to 1 of the three study groups, with stratification according to the baseline usage of insulin.About ASCO The American Culture of Clinical Oncology is the world’s leading professional corporation representing physicians who look after people with malignancy. With nearly 30,000 people, ASCO is committed to improving cancers caution through scientific meetings, educational programs, and peer-examined journals. About the Conquer Cancer Basis The Conquer Cancer Base is working to create a globe free from the fear of cancer by financing breakthrough research, by posting knowledge with individuals and physicians worldwide, and by helping initiatives to ensure that all people get access to high-quality cancer care.