Fins, MD, MACP, who is also the chief of the Division of Medical Ethics at Weill Cornell Medical College, in addition to a member of The Hastings Center's table of directors and a Hastings Middle Fellow. Eric Kodish, MD, who’s director of the Cleveland Clinic's Middle for Ethics, Humanities, and Spiritual Treatment and a Hastings Middle Fellow, and Fins are the major authors of this article. Although CEC [clinical ethics consultation] is not scientific practice in the conventional sense, its analytic and deliberative process can affect decisions about impact and care patient case management, the article states.Some think that chemically and physiologically inert nasal ointments, such as the one investigated in the present study, are interesting choices for adjuvant treatment of allergic rhinitis for symptom alleviation. German researchers attempt to assess the efficacy of a high-viscosity, lipid-structured nasal ointment in the treatment of allergic rhinitis predicated on the observed switch in the entire indicator picture. Their findings are being provided at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Mind and Neck Surgery Base Annual Interacting with & OTO EXPO, being held September 19-22, 2004, at the Jacob K.