Dr Patrick McCrystal, Senior Study Fellow at the Institute or Child Care Analysis, said: ‘A small number of those who took component in the survey told us they had attempted cocaine at least one time. Of those who had used cocaine, only 1 in ten used it on a weekly basis. This indicates that although some teenagers have attempted the medication, few continue steadily to use it regularly. ‘While cocaine has just recently emerged on to the Northern Ireland drug scene, this study shows that it might be making its way in to the adolescent drug scene quite quickly. It indicates that the profile of cocaine users could be changing also. ‘In the 1990’s the normal cocaine user was one, in their twenties, well-educated, and in a well-paid professional job.His research focuses on the role of calmodulin and calcium as intracellular transmission transducers. The annual ASCP distinguished service award was established in 1929 to commemorate Ward Burdick, M.D., a major organizer of the society in 1922 and its own secretary until 1928. The only other UAB faculty member to have got won this award thus far was Roy Kracke, M.D., in 1935. Kracke was the 1st dean of the Medical College of Alabama, the predecessor of the UAB School of Medicine.. African Helps drug trial prematurely halted By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD One of the research in three African countries where ladies were given an AIDS drug to prevent HIV infection has been stopped because the project is not working, monday researchers said. These females on the trial were taking a daily dosage of the medication Truvada or a look-alike placebo tablet and had an equal potential for becoming infected.