Abbott to acquire the global privileges to PanGenetics’ new therapeutic for treatment of chronic pain PanGenetics, an antibody development company which is developing PG110, a humanized antibody to Nerve Growth Factor , today announced it provides entered into an contract with Abbott under which Abbott can find the global rights to the novel biologic. PG110 happens to be in a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with osteoarthritis and represents a promising brand-new therapeutic for the treatment of chronic pain. The contract includes an upfront payment of $170 million plus additional milestone payments, for a total of up to $190 million. They have done an extraordinary work of building this business from the ground up and the acquisition of this antibody by Abbott is certainly testament to their experience in the therapeutic antibody development field.Medical administration is a lifelong necessity for folks with spina bifida, and should be provided by a multidisciplinary group. Continuing advances in our understanding of the human being genome are providing fresh opportunities to understand the causes of this disorder, and offer the prospect of developing improved approaches for the prevention of spina bifida. Furthermore, in utero treatment, although unproven at this time, might improve standard of living for those people born with spina bifida.