PharmAthene will be completely in charge of funding all future analysis and development activities that are not supported by government money. The companies will share profits according to a pre – agreed allocation %age. The precise financial conditions of the agreement have not been disclosed. PharmAthene recently announced that it had completed a financing of $50 million dollars that will enable the business to expand its efforts to develop biodefense products. The Division of Health & Human Providers recently solicited responses to a Obtain Proposal for ‘Acquisition of Therapeutic Items for Treatment of Inhalational Anthrax Disease for the Strategic National Stockpile ‘ under which monoclonal antibodies will be selected and purchased to treat civilians in case of a bioterror strike using Bacillus anthracis.‘The go-live is a critical milestone for us, helping APWUHP to ensure accurate and consistent software of claims payment policies while accelerating the velocity of reimbursement. ELDORADO worked well closely with us to ensure Javelina fulfilled the plan’s rigorous criteria for accuracy, acceleration, agility and flexibility.’ Before Javelina, Midgett explained, it had been problematic for APWUHP to and conveniently change benefit plan design quickly, respond to dynamic marketplace and regulatory advancements, and integrate applications due to a cumbersome claims and benefit management system.