Public Curiosity Research Group , Patient Privacy Rights, Private Citizen, and Privacy Journal are requesting the U.S. MEDICAL Insurance Portability and Accountability Act enables CVS Caremark usage of information on patients covered by its pharmacy benefit supervisor for administering claims and other limited reasons. Company letters gathered by NCPA record CVS Caremark experiencing personal medical histories for advertising purposes, such as to urge individuals to switch a preexisting prescription from their independent community pharmacy to a CVS retail or Caremark mail purchase pharmacy. A redacted example letter are available here.The entire interval until termination of convulsions was equivalent in the two treatment groups. Discussion This double-blind, randomized trial showed that prehospital treatment with intramuscular midazolam was at least as effective as intravenous lorazepam in subjects in status epilepticus . Establishing intravenous access in sufferers who are having seizures in the prehospital environment could be time-consuming and challenging. Since intramuscular treatments could be given quicker and reliably than intravenous remedies and also have noninferior efficacy, our data support the usage of the former path of administration by EMS employees.