These were disgusting and several witnesses were there to see it. I knew after that this event had not been in a position to be saved, and I cannot attach myself to something that doesn’t have the real intent for assisting people. ALIVE New York is currently in the hands of the incorrect PEOPLE. I apologize to all or any the people who purchased tickets because of me promoting and becoming part of the event. If you did, send out me a contact and I will send you a free of charge E-BOOK copy of THE PLANET EARTH Diet. I now have a lot of cleaning up to accomplish, and apologizing to a complete lot of people who were excited for this event to happen.In Burkina Faso 4958 instances including 432 deaths had been reported. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 730 situations and 84 deaths have already been reported. The International Coordinating Group * on Vaccine Provision for Epidemic Meningitis has so far released 1.1 million doses of vaccine to react to the outbreak in southern Sudan and is ready to provide additional doses if needed. Around 1.5 million people in affected counties have been targeted in mass vaccination campaign organized by the National authorities, WHO, MSF, International Medical Services, along with other NGOs present in the region, and backed by UNICEF, OCHA, the European Community Humanitarian Office .