After taking to the roads, S.C . Guy finds kidney for wife CHARLESTON, S.C. – – One way or another, it had to end like this. Some way, Larry Swilling knew his wife Jimmy Sue would be hospitalized with a failing kidney eventually. He knew he’d possess tears – – only issue he didn’t understand was whether they’d become happy or sad. When we first met Larry a year ago, he was desperately trying to rewrite his wife’s final chapter. Since a kidney was needed by her, and he previously no shame on the matter, Larry attempt to find an organ donor by himself.

Jon LaPook statement on the Ebola crisis. Underscoring how stretched the resources of affected West African countries are, Liberia opened up its largest Ebola clinic to day on Sunday no sooner had the ceremony finished than ambulances rushed there with patients. The facility has 150 beds. The disease that’s transmitted through bodily fluids is certainly blamed for the deaths greater than 2,600 people in West Africa. In Sierra Leone, at least 77 bodies were buried during the half and shutdown of them examined positive for Ebola, Bayraytay said. Laboratory testing are awaited for the other half to see whether they also died of Ebola.