Times and the Chicago Tribune, to mention a few, are also hacks and shills for Monsanto . However the Post’s slanted reporting regarding Monsanto is especially disturbing because it is known as by many to end up being the paper of record for the country’s capital; there are other Washington, D.C.-structured newspapers and news websites, but none with the same prominence. Habit of participating in propaganda and cover-up However, publishing questionable Monsanto research is far from the only journalistic sin committed by the Post; in recent days, the paper’s managing editors altered headlines pertaining to stories relating to the horrific, grotesque sale of aborted baby body parts to downplay the significance of the crime.The AMA also intends to aid the dissemination of materials on vaccine efficacy to says within the effort to eliminate nonmedical exemptions.

60 minutes of moderate exercise will keep your scales content, says research By Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD More moderate activity each day With age most women consuming a standard diet may have a tendency to gain weight. New reports however suggest that only 60 minutes exercise each day will keep middle aged pounds gain in women away. Current federal recommendations suggest 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes five days a week of moderate to intense exercise to lose weight. These new results show that more time with moderate activity is needed. Pursuits like walking, leisurely bike rides or playing catch may be enough as moderate activities.