In addition, the clearance by the FDA can be an important milestone for assisting adoption in other key countries all over the world where they are actually evaluating advanced tools and tests such as this.’ ‘We are very happy to have been chosen by Affymetrix to be part of the scientific trial for CytoScan Dx Assay and found the performance data of the assay very impressive. With two to three % of children in the usa having some type of developmental delay or intellectual disabilities, finding a medical diagnosis for the individual and their family may become an extended odyssey.So when the first three months of 2013 are viewed together, solar power accounted for approximately 30 % of utility-scale capacity added to the US grid. Again, this doesn’t take into account distributed solar, wrote Travis Hoium at The Motley Fool. So it’s feasible that solar accounted for about 50 % of total electricity capacity added up to now in 2013. It really is these consistently high figures which have caused the industry to project that solar powered energy will become the number one way to obtain new energy in the United States next four years.