In mice that completely regressed after mixture therapy, tumors did not develop upon re-challenge with tumor cells, suggesting the induction of systemic and protecting immune memory. In addition, combination therapy resulted in increased induction of PSA-particular T cells in the periphery and an increased infiltration of these cells in the tumor microenvironment. ADXS-PSA continues to show activity in types of prostate cancer, confirming our decision to go this construct into scientific development. The potential synergy of radiotherapy and ADXS-PSA observed in this scholarly research shows that ADXS-PSA might be coupled with other therapies that present efficacy in this type of tumor, commented Dr.‘AVAC and UNAIDS is very happy to release this brand-new edition of the GPP guidelines at the conference at which the groundbreaking outcomes of the CAPRISA tenofovir microbicide gel trial have already been shown, recalling that it had been the stopping of antiretroviral pre-publicity prophylaxis trials in 2004 that 1st inspired the advancement of the GPP guidelines,’ said Dr. Catherine Hankins, UNAIDS’ chief scientific adviser.