The ability to remotely access images on the internet with its built-in browser, the fact that segments are not necessary for different studies, and that ‘hanging protocols’ can be personalized to the average person Radiologist make the CDP PACS system a powerful tool for just about any Radiology practice. The systems also complement each other perfectly, Mr. Barzillai noted. Man Weinberg, CDP’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, CDP’s PACS generates amazing pictures with layering capabilities which have to be observed to be appreciated. The full-featured viewer and the system’s 3-D shows are remarkable. Equally as remarkable may be the affordable price for a solution such as this. Mr. Weinberg described, CDP’s PACS systems are inclusive, and so are completely integrated with the Advertisements MedicsRIS.In November 2007, actor Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins were at the center of a near-fatal drug mix-up in which these were administered 1,000 situations the standard dose of Heparin. ‘We all have this inherent matter that we trust doctors and nurses, that they know very well what they’re carrying out. But this mistake happened right under our noses, that the nurse didn’t bother to look at the dosage on the bottle,’ Quaid told 60 Moments correspondent Steve Kroft in a March interview. ‘It was 10 units that our kids are likely to obtain. They got 10,000. And what it did is, it switched their bloodstream to the consistency of water basically, where they had a complete inability to clot.