ADPT generates systemwide net patient services revenue of $104.5 million for Q2 2015 Adeptus Wellness Inc check the following information . , the biggest operator of freestanding emergency rooms in the U.S., announced its results for the next quarter ended June 30, 2015. All comparisons one of them release are for the same period in the last year, unless otherwise noted. Second One fourth 2015 Highlights: Systemwide net patient services revenue was $104.5 million versus $44.2 million in prior year, an increase of 136 percent; Net operating revenue was $89.6 million versus $44.2 million in prior year, an increase of 103 percent; Adjusted EBITDA was $22.9 million versus $5.9 million in prior year, a rise of 286 percent; Adjusted earnings per talk about was $0.44 and GAAP earnings per share was $0.97 Net income due to Adeptus Health Inc.

AFFiRiS releases positive study results of AD04 therapeutic drug in Alzheimer patients AFFiRiS AG of Vienna, Austria, today released for the first time outcomes of a clinical phase II research in Alzheimer patients of its proprietary substance Advertisement04, a therapeutic medication against Alzheimer's disease. The results show an impressive therapeutic aftereffect of Advertisement04 and make it the first ever compound demonstrating clinical and biomarker evidence in keeping with disease modification of Alzheimer's disease. A statistically significant correlation was demonstrated between the cognitive/functional outcome and the quantity of the hippocampus, the spot of the brain locating the cognitive/memory features, both of which demonstrated positive impact on disease progression over 18 months.