Acupuncture is a lot more than going for a needle and inserting it at a particular point just, and yet, also doing so appears to work quite well in rigid scientific studies. Imagine how much stronger the effect of acupuncture would be if the research allowed experienced acupuncture practitioners to go after their talent to its fullest. There’s another thing that’s worth noting here: until lately, modern medicine was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of integrating acupuncture at all. In fact, there are still many old college doctors and so-known as anti-quackery doctors who still rail against acupuncture, completely unacquainted with all the scientific proof proving its efficacy.Statistical Analysis The analysis of the primary end point was predicated on a logistic-regression model, with sustained virologic response as the dependent variable and treatment, genotype 1 subtype, and baseline HCV RNA plasma level as factors. The principal end stage was also evaluated by an analysis of the consistency of the treatment impact in prespecified subgroups in accordance to 10 baseline variables . We estimated that with a sample size of 350 patients in each treatment group, the analysis would have 92 percent power to show a big change among the treatments, with the use of a two-sided, continuity-corrected chi-square test, at a standard significance level of 5 percent , assuming a 50 percent response price in the control group and a 64 percent response rate in a telaprevir group.