This procedure may need to be repeated often, an d gives a fresh look to your skin by scraping .Extremely mild scarring can be treated with microdermabrasion. For those who have the inclination to create keloids, no surgical method can be used. If one can develop keloid with acne injury, more keloids will be formed by further medical procedures. Steroid injections enable you to treat keloids. In some cases topical retinoic acid is applied on the keloids directly. This article is for informative reasons.All sufferers treated with 400mg per week of ATL1103 had a decrease in sIGF-I levels from baseline at week 14. Greater reductions in sIGF-I were observed in individuals who had lower body weights and thus received a relatively higher dose per kg bodyweight with two months of follow-up. Two ATL1103 dosing regimens were tested 200 mg three times in the initial week then once every week thereafter or 200 mg 3 times in the 1st week then twice every week thereafter . The principal efficacy endpoint of the 26 affected person trial was the reduction of sIGF-I levels in acromegaly patients as they have significantly higher levels than healthy individuals and sIGF-I normalisation is accepted by medical authorities as the therapeutic objective for the treating acromegaly.