Unfortunately, people of peace have already been our martyrs. Consider Mohandas Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, Benazir Bhutto, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Yitzhak Rabin. In each case, we cannot rationally realize why all of them was assassinated. Yet, we all know that talking peace can place your life at risk. If you’ve ever been shocked by hatred against your skin layer color suddenly, ethnic background, religion, or something else that makes you a little different, you are not alone. At onetime, or another, each folks has experienced an intolerant concentrate on us. Intolerance, prejudice, and hate crimes are generally wrong, but who is brave enough to tell an angry mob? With all of this said, anybody, who live in a democracy, are really lucky in order to express our views with much less potential for sacrificing our lives.Consumption of synthetic ‘foods’ 7. Industrial toxins 8. Drinking or bathing in polluted, chlorinated, or fluoridated water 9. Smoking cigarettes 10. Intestinal toxicity 11. Immune suppressive drugs 12. Eating irradiated foods and food additives 13. Heavy metal toxicity 14. Metal dental care fillings, root canals, and cavitations 15. Use of street, prescription and non-prescription drugs 16. Excess exposure to sunlight ultraviolet rays 17. Hormonal therapies 18. Chronic stress 19. Negative feelings 20. Depressed thyroid 21. Nuclear radiation 22. X-rays 23. Overhead power lines 24. Blocked detoxification pathways 25. Genetic predisposition 26.