Chagas disease may also be spread through blood transfusion, organ transplants, and from mother to unborn kid. The estimated quantity of persons living in the United States contaminated with T. Cruzi, and at risk for developing Chagas disease, is 300,000 or more. More than 5,000 donors with positive test outcomes on a screening test have been identified since national screening of the blood supply was instituted in early 2007. The Abbott ESA Chagas assay is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, based in Abbott Park, Ill..The study, which is an analysis of data from the National Study of Children’s Wellness , also demonstrated that many children with asthma weren’t seeing a normal physician often enough. Nearly one-third of parents of uninsured children said that they had no personal primary treatment doctor for his or her child. More than one-third of parents of kids who had lost insurance and about 50 percent of parents of children with no insurance for a full year said the youngster hadn’t seen an individual doctor for preventive care during the past year.