The first two association reports centered on conflicts of interest in the research and medical education configurations.. AAMC report urges U.S. Teaching hospitals to cope with conflicts of curiosity in clinical care A fresh report by the AAMC urges U.S. Teaching hospitals to determine policies that manage economic relationships between doctors and industry so they do not influence individual care. ‘In the Interest of Patients: Recommendations for Physician Financial Relationships and Clinical Decision Making’ provides guidance on how academic medical centers can identify, evaluate, and disclose conflicts of curiosity in clinical care.1 and must be submitted by Nov online. 1. Principal investigators should be current AACN people. For more information, including award criteria and supporting documents, go to or contact Linda Bell, AACN clinical practice specialist, at 394-5995, ext. 318.. A&D Medical to partner with Salutron to expand Wellness Connected platform In a strategic business decision to supply its customers with an optimized connected health encounter, A&D Medical, a worldwide manufacturer of accuracy measurement solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today it will partner with Salutron, the industry head in wearable activity monitoring technology with heart rate. Announced as part of A&D Medical's new service and product portfolio in International CES 2014, the Wellness Connected system combines the company's new Bluetooth Smart-enabled medical devices – now including Salutron's LifeTrak activity monitors – with A&D Medical's mobile phone app and cloud services to provide individuals and businesses the tools they need to track progress toward healthy living goals.