Much of this impairment related to place reputation, with the animals demonstrating a reduced capability to see when an object had been moved to a new location. Significantly, the rats also suffered irritation of the hippocampal area of the brain, which pertains to spatial memory. ”We know weight problems causes inflammation in the body, but we didn’t understand until recently that it causes adjustments in the brain,” said Margaret Morris, the head of pharmacology at the university.You just have to eat healthy food and in the proper proportion. Check with a dietician before making any major diet plan changes as everyone’s body’s necessity differs and doctor will make a diet plan chart according to the body type and health issues. You must include consumption of fruits and vegetables. There are specific fruits that are not extremely popular but have plenty of vitamins and minerals, which along with fitness can give spark and glow to your skin as well. 1. Cantaloupe – It is a multivitamin fruit as it contains Supplement A, which helps in skin Vitamin and regeneration C which promotes collagen production. You can eat cantaloupe with lemon water each morning as your breakfast since it is a lite food for morning and in addition re energize you for the whole day activities.