But as important just, more isn’t always better: Sometimes more spending can lead to worse outcomes.’ In lower-spending areas, ‘more care tends to be supplied by primary care doctors, and patients in those areas are significantly less likely to spend time in the hospital for care that could be provided elsewhere.’ But ‘Sufferers in those higher spending communities are twice as likely to have 10 or more different physicians involved with their care. ‘[Fisher] and other specialists want Congress to put into action fresh payment systems that could motivate doctors and hospitals to interact and give them bonuses for keeping patients healthy, and therefore using fewer expensive providers.’ But Joe Antos of the American Enterprise Institute says, ‘ The nagging issue, we don’t know how to perform it,’ he says.Authorities said records showed the second-highest total from another clinic was just 736. At the right time, Sachokov’s lawyer said his client denied the charges. Thursday in Brooklyn He and other defendants were to surface in federal court. Authorities busted three physical therapy clinics in Brooklyn also, run by an arranged network of Russian immigrants accused of paying out recruiters to find elderly patients so they could bill for pretty much $57 million in physical therapy that amounted to little more than back rubs, based on the indictment. In Miami, two doctors and several nurses from ABC Home Health Care Inc. Were charged with swindling $25 million by writing fake prescriptions recommending nurses and various other expensive aids to take care of homebound individuals, authorities said.