We developed nanoparticles which have antibodies on the surface that attach to diseased sites like Velcro, said Vyavahare. Interestingly, these recently created nanoparticles just accumulate at the broken artery, not in the healthful arteries, enabling site-specific medication delivery. These nanoparticles can be delivered intravenously to target injured areas and will administer drugs over longer periods of time, avoiding repeated medical interventions at the condition site thus, stated Aditi Sinha, a Clemson graduate student and lead writer on a paper quickly to be published in journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnolgy, Medicine and Biology.We urge the Susan G. Komen company to make obvious to the Egyptian authorities that such bigotry does not have any place in the global fight a terrible disease which afflicts millions of women of all nationalities and groupings.’ The conference, which takes place over the arriving week, is also being backed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health insurance and the United States Agency for International Advancement in Egypt. Israeli researchers, working at major centers like the Weizmann Institute of Research and the Hadassah INFIRMARY, have already been at the forefront of attempts to fight breast tumor.

All About Puberty Time to Change OK, so it is a funny phrase — but what’s puberty, anyway? Puberty may be the name for the time when your body begins to build up and change while you move from kid to adult.