20 volunteers receive ADAO PRESIDENTIAL VOLUNTEER Support AWARD Asbestos Disease Awareness Firm today announced it has awarded 20 volunteers with the PRESIDENTIAL VOLUNTEER Program AWARD , a national honor offered in recognition of volunteer assistance. Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization has a long background of volunteer services, founded by asbestos victims and their families to serve as the united voice for those affected by asbestos worldwide. Highly committed individuals offer countless volunteer hours in a genuine number of areas including research and resource development, victim support programs, fundraising, social media and on-line outreach, legislative advocacy, meeting planning, marketing communications, administrative services and more.When they compared it with regular, wild-type V. Cholerae bacterias, the researchers found that the protein encoded by this gene offered normal bacteria the capability to attach to the GlcNAc on cells. The group verified that the GlcNAc in the intestine initiates the attachment and colonization of the bacteria by testing the mutant strain on zooplankton and cultured intestinal cells in vitro as well as within an in vivo cholera model.