There are few foods that you would love to eat during your pregnancy. Eating healthy food in your diet is a must as the wellness of you and your baby should not be sacrificed at any stage. If you had an unhealthy diet earlier, try to have significantly more calcium rich or protein enhanced diet with the extra minerals and nutrients now. So, following are the 5 foods that you can add to your daily diet for a healthier way of life: 1. Salmon: Omega 3 fatty acids are very best for your baby’s mind and eyes. Salmon will complete this deficiency within your body. It also provides proteins and B vitamins. It is also relatively lower in mercury than various other fishes and you can enjoy consuming 12 ounces of low mercury seafood weekly.Because they conclude about sunscreen products:. We also sorely need policies that would require companies to document the safety of chemical substances before they go on the market. And, most importantly, we need policies that could require that chemical substances be safe for the fetus, baby, and additional vulnerable populations – – a straightforward, commonsense idea completely absent from current federal government law. Such improvements would improve our understanding of health impacts from chemical exposures dramatically, and would go quite a distance toward sealing the gaps that leave customers at risk from an eternity of exposure to chemical substances. Below, we reprint the entire EWG press release announcing this brand-new sunscreen database: First-ever on the web database rates sunscreen safety and effectivenessToday, environmentally friendly Functioning Group released the first-ever, in-depth analysis of the effectiveness and safety of more than 700 name-brand sunscreens.