The death of the 8-month-outdated from Houston was reported after that, but the precise defect in his newer model crib was unidentified at the time. In case you have a Simpleness drop side crib, it’s been recalled, said company spokeswoman Patty Davis. She urged crib owners to visit the commission’s Internet site to observe what actions to take next. But she cautioned parents never to put their children in any Simplicity drop part cribs at this time.Dr Watt’s results originated from interviewing about 500 people who were admitted in to the Gold Coast Hospital Emergency Department between October 2000 and October 2001. Patients, aged 16 above and years, were asked about their accidents which varied from mind accidental injuries, falls, assaults, cuts, piercings, choking, burns and near drownings. They were asked how these were injured, where they were injured and the severity. The most common injuries were falls, being hit by or against car and something and motorbike crashes.