The surgery includes placing in the cochlea an electronic device with electrodes that gather impulses from a transmitter/receiver and send out them to the mind. The apparatus is accompanied by a speech processor chip that selects and arranges noises picked up by a microphone. ‘Our objectives are that Amina could have a hearing capability of 80 %, enabling her to hear her parent’s voice for the first time soon after the surgery. The implant will enable her to have got phone conversations, attend normal school and become employed when she grows up fully,’ explained Dr. Balkany. The young child will have comprehensive auditory verbal training in Arabic and three weeks following the procedure, the device will be started up and she will hear the global world for the first time.You can use beans in soups, drips, casseroles, salads, side stews and dishes. You are advised to include kidney coffee beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, adzki beans, Lima Beans, French Beans, White beans, Pinto Beans, Yellow Coffee beans, Black turtle soup coffee beans, Mung Beans, Cranberry coffee beans etc in your diet to normally flush waste materials and toxins from your own body and improve your energy. It includes effective cure for pimples skin problem. Berries are rich source of fiber and anti-oxidants.