In January, the FDA’s own researchers accused management of committing crimes was found to become contaminated with mercury in 2009 Also, the ‘Smart Choices’ food labeling gimmick was exposed as a total fraud and found a huge amount of evidence linking the business to vaccines . to create the Health Revolution Petition – – questions that remain unanswered. And nobody – – including the CDC or WHO – – dared recommend vitamin D as a way for people to prevent swine flu infections by chemotherapy doctors acting on court orders .6. Sex utensils Many sex utensils are made from vinyl, such as for example vibration ring, masturbation products, will release the phthalates. To an extent, this plastic material softener is associated with cancer, allergies, birth defects and infertility. 7 Diets Toxic chemicals polychlorinated biphenyls will accumulate in fish’s body. This substance has a harm effect on sperm. Usually do not eat the seafood which comes from the contaminated water.