‘We as a business have to declare battle on all food-borne illnesses,’ Tom Nassif, president of Western Growers Association, a business group representing about 3,000 fruit and vegetable farmers in California and other states, said Thursday. ‘We need to do everything to assure the American public our food is secure to consume.’ The industry’s response to the E. Coli outbreak traced to bagged spinach from central California would build on existing attempts to protect produce from contamination rather than entail a comprehensive overhaul, Nassif said.It provides the largest sickle cell disease plan in America also, with 1,635 active cases and has cured even more children of sickle cell disease than any treatment center in the nation. In addition to financing treatment and research, Aflac contributions serve other critical needs, including fresh facilities, a new state-of-the-art pediatric study building, and endowments for the grouped family members Support Group and Fellowship Program. August In, the Aflac Cancer Center announced that Aflac experienced surpassed $50 million in donations to the cause. Scientific research shows that at least half of all full cases of cancer could possibly be prevented.