Users acquired another word for it: Ecstasy. In his survey former CBS Information correspondent Steve Young noticed from the drug’s biggest supporters and its biggest opponent – the Medication Enforcement Agency. ‘Earl and Marge Deacon are carrying out something they’ve hardly ever done before, going for a psychedelic drug which may be the LSD of the 80s,’ reported Young. The Deacons, an elderly couple, endorsed the medication to CBS News. ‘It brings me to a state of being absolutely in touch with the within of Earl Deacon,’ said Earl. His wife added: ‘It gets the ego apart and you are able to see clearly what we’re here for.’ The Medication Enforcement Administration didn’t quite it see it that way.To day, 57 % of the HIV diagnoses in Mexico are from unsafe sex between men. Thailand is viewing an emerging epidemic of really unbelievable proportions among its gay and bisexual males after being organized as an example for its success with an enormous condom marketing campaign that curbed HIV’s spread among sex employees, drug users and migrants, stated Kevin Frost, Amfar’s ceo. Prevalence of HIV among gay and bisexual Thai males was more than 15 % this full 12 months compared to 1.4 % for the general adult population, relating to Amfar.