Health Cantaloupe farmers associated with listeria outbreak billed in federal government court Federal criminal charges are actually filed against the owners of a Colorado melon farm after a deadly listeria outbreak. KCNC’s Rick Sallinger report. A listeria illness, or listeriosis, outbreak associated with cantaloupe produced by Jensen Farms in Colorado infected 147 people in 2011, killing 33 and causing a miscarriage. Listeria bacteria is most commonly found on deli meats, soft seafood and cheeses, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. No illnesses have been reported associated with this current recall. Products include chicken, ham, potato, and macaroni salads, slaws and salsas under brand names including Cobble Street Market, Cross Valley Farms, Dillon’s, Miller’s, Target, 7-11, Reser’s Good Foods, Walmart and Yoder’s.An assortment of yoghurt with drinking water could be applied on the affected area. Improvements is seen within 10 days of regular application. 9. Hair and scalp: Yoghurt is also an effective exfoliating agent. Apply yoghurt and essential oil on your own dry scalp to help remove dandruff. It helps to eliminate dead skin even, which is the reason behind itching in the scalp usually. Thus yoghurt is an extremely inexpensive and effective treatment for curing numerous hair and pores and skin related troubles. Regular use and application can provide you wonderful results within a few days of usage just. Yoghurt is a natural exfoliating and hydrating agent and offers minimal side effects.